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October 11, 2006



"Freebird! Stars and Bars, baby! Whoo Hoo!"

At least he didnt confuse her with Liza and repeatedly shout for her to sing "Cabaret."


I'll take "Freebird" over "Memories" any day.

And why do women like "The Way We Were?" The ugly obnoxious girl dumps Robert Redford!

On what planet would Robert Redford date Barbra Streisand, procreate with her, and then get dumped by her?

Maybe drugs should be a requirement to watch the woman. Or perhaps just a blindfold and earplugs.


Barbra has been around according to a new book by Chris Anderson called "the Way She Is." She was apparently well known to get freeky-deeky with her co-stars.

Warren Beatty- Warren got Bugsy in Babs’ Ishtar.
Ryan O’Neal- After the affair he was quoted as saying “What’s up Doc?”
Steve McQueen- Leaving Babs was The Great Escape.
Kris Kristofferson- Part of a Convoy of B-Rate Actors
Don Johnson- Rated Babs as a “Dead Bang.”
Jon Voight- Used his Anaconda when Babs was in Heat.
Elliot Gould- MASHed it.
Andre Agassi- Overhand Smashed it.
Richard Gere- Babs can afford the most expensive American Gigolo
Omar Sharif- Visited his Last Valley of Love.
Liam Neeson- A Darkman.
Peter Jennings- Took up smoking after he left Babs.
Tommy Smothers- Stopped being funny after Babs.
Peter Weller- Said Babs was the best of the Screamers.
Dodi Fayed- Babs made him hire a cheauffeur because she criticized his driving.
Bill Clinton- Babs made a political contribution.

Gunny G

Yeah, she also refused to belt out her hit song:

"Born to be Wild"

I wish she'd go on another farewell tour like Cher has done, what, like 11 times now?

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