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October 05, 2006


David Vance

Poor French waifs!


oh shut up, not all models are starving for god sake, GET OVER IT, just because u all have the bodies of old aged pensioners and the type of obese inbreds that eat at mc donalds religiously it dosnt mean that every skinney model is suffereing from anorexia or bulemia for heavens sake.

love you

Give me a break!!

I agree with David that not all fashion models are starving. Im really skinny and everyone always thinks im anorexic, but i eat more than my parents. I eat every chance i get actually because im never full, i just have a really fast metabolism. Plus i have really small bones unlike most people, which makes it look like im really skinny too.

Give me a break!!

I agree with David that not all fashion models are starving. Im really skinny and everyone always thinks im anorexic, but i eat more than my parents. I eat every chance i get actually because im never full, i just have a really fast metabolism. Plus i have really small bones unlike most people, which makes it look like im really skinny too.


i agree, not all models are too skinny, but, some really skinny ones eg. lily cole, have been told that they're too big!! i think thats conpletely retarded! honestly.

i think that models shouldn't be too skinny tho, iv heard of models competing to see who can eat the least,
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Give Me a Break, I have the exact same problem! I'm really skinny and I eat like a pig but I have a fast metabolism and I just loose weight too easily! And it's not my fault but everyone thinks I am anerexic or binge and I hate it!


I agree one hundred percent. Not everyone who is skinny doesn't a lot. That's stereotypical to people. And that is not fair in anyway. I'm the exact same. I am 5' 5'' and still growing and i still don't weigh 100 pounds. I am called tooth pick and used to be called anprexic al the time. But nowpeople know i eat like a pig! I ALWAYS eat. Now i'm called fatty or the fattest skinniest person they know, of course in a joking way. But again I agree just because you maybe fat and ugly shaped and you cant be a model doesnt mean you should go and say people dont eat! that just aint right. you can shove that crap in your fat rolls and be jealous all you want!


i dont live in Paris, i live in america but i soo think their outfits are sooo cute i would soo bye them but i dont no where to were them. they look so pretty too but they should smile and aact like they enjoy their job. they look soo boring. i so want to be skinny as them, i am but i still have my baby fat that i want to get ride of.


even if some of you dont think theyre too skinny..that doesnt mean they arent sending a bad message to SOMEONE. anyone who isnt as skinny as them could look at them and think thats whaat beautiful is and begint to develope unhealthy habits to lose weight. also younger girls need to see more than the super skinny girls (weather they are healthy or have a disorder) in the media.
i think all these skinny models are ridiculous and should realize there is more to life than being skinny


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Interesting to read That The world community had to act to save the models of Paris from their own astounding stupidity and bad taste.

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i like this part of blog: "Under pressure from the World Health Organization, the French government changed the name of the country's most famous fashion show from "Ready to Wear" to "Ready to Eat" to encourage the models to stop at the buffet tables."

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Wow that is definitely some weird news.

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This is heart touching. Like this bog of information. Never to assume this. Thanks for sharing. Sympathy for the French fashion models...

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Sounds like April Fool's Day to me :)

Account Deleted

I really interested read your articles.....

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