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April 13, 2007



Please reflect on what you have just written and look within yourself to determine if this is really funny. The reality is that it's sad that there are women crack addicts on the streets of Harlem selling themselves to support a habit. Do you have the right to publish this trash? Yes you do. Would you publish it if you were supported by sponsors? Probably not in light of Don's recent plight. Are you a person of color continuing to denegrate others or are you a bigot? I for one hope that the statement Don Imus made will make others think about what they are saying. Obviously you don't think much.


Lighten up.


Hey Josh, I understand what you are saying. I suppose the world will go on unchanged however perhaps you could realize that by saying "lighten up" that you are part of the problem. Perhaps you could come to understand that there is indeed a problem and not stick your head in the sand by trying to intimidate a person with "lighten up". I'll admit that guns n butter was clever and creative with this post. Perhaps his talent could be better used elsewhere for the improvement of our society rather than sustaining a long standing division of humanity through prejudice and an uncaring attitude for fellow human beings. To that end I'll say "Grow Up" Josh.

Rob Purdie

Awww, man . . . that's just wrong.

Pretty darned funny. But, wrong.

Jack Bauer

Hey Eric, seriously, lighten up. Sure it sucks that people are addicted to drugs and have to work to get money for it. But hey, it also sucks that little children all around the world are starving. I can also say that I seriously can not understand how saying "lighten up" is intimidating. There are enough people out there who are trying to change the world already. There are already so many that they're starting to get in the way. And about the whole "nappy-headed hos" comment; what's the big deal? I mean if a rapper said it, everyone would think that it was cool and totally kick ass. They say a lot worse stuff on their albums too. So why is everyone so pissed when a radio announcer says it? I'm seriously not racist either- I don't really care what race people are, they're all the same to me. It would be like hating all people with blond hair for no reason if I were racist. Maybe that's why I don't get why that comment was such a big deal....


Eric is a "bigot" for trying to diferrentiate blacks and whites. He says a bigot is white. A black of the same ilk is called "a person of color trying to denigrate others." Welcome to the United States of the Offended.

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