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November 06, 2007



Kerry is just such a hunk, he is so strong and confident
about himself as he lives out his days in the swamp as
the Lead Frog, the big guy, the hero of the wars, the
big frog who found a rich little girl frog and married her in a very special frog wedding. The sound of croaking
cheers came from all ove the swamp, making a lovely chorus
of Dirty Frog Dancing.

How cute they looked, each one praying as hard as they
could, please ! Let him/her change into a prince/princess.

How sad, no change, however he needed her money so he
took her home to her bigger swamp and did they llve ever
more happy in this bigger swamp?

Now, he says he is a frog who can take on any bully who
thinks they can take him on. This won't last long as
there is a young handsome frog just waiting for the chance
at the money. Oh well, he got a million or two from the
money gathered for his run for president to keep his
fridge full of flies. Yum

Poor old Kerry frog, he lives in his frog head, never
realizing he is the only person in the country who thinks
he could be the king of the Swamp.

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